Here’s a very cool group of Green Jays from the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, Very entertaining.

This is our resident male Ruby-throated Hummingbird from College Station, Texas. The video really shows his beautiful Gorget as he turns his head back and forward.

Here’s a really cool Black Tarantula we found in Southern California, Lauren wasn’t such a fan!

Here’s the coolest tornado we saw while in the USA storm chasing, It was taken in South Dakota on the 18th June 2014

Here’s a video of me (Laurie Ross) catching my first Diamond-backed Rattlesnake. SOO COOL!

Here’s a video of the cheeky Mexican Jay’s we meet in Arizona

Here’s a video I captured of the AMAZING Greater Prairie-chicken display we saw in Valentine, Nebraska in May

Here’s a video of the very inquisitive New Zealand Robin looking for lunch!

A quick video of the graceful New Zealand Wood Pigeon thumping into drink.. Haha

New Zealand Red-crowned Parakeet’s coming into drink on Tiritiri Matangi Island

Here’s a quick video showing the Flesh-footed Shearwater taking food under the water

Sooty Grunter – This massive school of Sooty Grunter are found at a swimming hole in Litchfield National Park Northern Territory, Australia. 

Little Kingfisher Nest – This is the only Little Kingfisher nest I have ever seen, The bird it self is rare so finding its nest is very special.
Purple Crowned Fairy-wren – I found this very rare and beautiful guy at the Victoria River bridge in the Northern Territory. This is one of the only places they are found.

Little Kingfisher – Found this guy at Casuarina Coastal reserve near Darwin in the Northern Territory. One of the smallest Kingfishers in the world.

The closest I have been to a lightning strike soo far, If you look carefully at the video you can actually see the tree it hits fall over! If you look even closer you can see the water on the lens move from the shock wave..