About Tracks Birding & Me


Laurie is based at his Rainforest property at Lake Eacham in Far Northern Queensland, he has traveled across every state and territory in Australia over the past 17 years and has forged a name for himself as one of Australia's leading bird finders and photographers, both locally and nationally. Laurie gave up a lucrative career in the sales industry, to follow his passion for birds, and now spends the majority of his time showing visiting photographers and birders the best local and endemic species that make this part of Australia so unique. Laurie is equally at home with the demanding bird photographer or targeted birder. He is renowned for having razor sharp birding skills and an endless drive to get that perfect photo, Laurie also holds one of the most stunning photographic collections of rare Australian birds which you can seen here: Laurie Ross Photography.

When Laurie isn't guiding he is usually in the Outback somewhere looking for and photographing Australian Grasswren's, Grasswren's are famous for being some of the most difficult birds to find and especially photograph. He has one of the biggest collections of Grasswren photos in the world and is also passionate about documenting their habitats and locations, his project can be found hereĀ http://www.tracksbirding.com.au/grasswrens/

Laurie's other passion is food so another advantage with his tours is you will dine out in some of Australia's best cafes and restaurants, not typical of your normal birding tour.

He uses Canon Camera Gear & Swarovski Optics